Hello July Meets <3

Hey guys~! It's Julyyy! So Happy Canada and Amurikah Day~! Not to mention sunny days.

So, for our next need up, we were thinking the 14th [that's next Saturday] at the Vera Project area of Seattle Centre, because that's when the Bastille Festival is!

Or, if that's too short of notice for people, the 28th [that's 5 days /after/ Gasukan], location to be determined.

So please comment on which day would work best for you guys! That would be super helpful. Thanksies <3


May 26th


Cal Anderson

Alright you guys, that is the plan.
This is one week after Gasukan.
Cal Anderson is the big green park on Capitol Hill.
Located across from Seattle Central Community College.
By a lot of food places and an epic Value Village.
If anyone needs directions or bus routes feel free to drop a note and I will set you up.


[PS: We do apologize for the mix up on dates; they kind of came and went and we didn't realize that. We are truly very sorry for the inconvenience.]

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May Meet and Feedback

First on the agenda: May meet. 5th, 12th? Venue ideas?

Second: Putting this up so I can see if I can get some feedback for the group.
What do you like? What do you dislike?
What do you want to see more of? Less of?
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blood drive at Sakura Con

I was wondering if people are still thinking of donating blood together at the convention while dresses as nations! I was really bummed that I couldn't donate blood with those guys last year (America has never looked more heroic), and I'd love to give it another try!

Hours for the blood donation (in room 400) are:
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: 10am-4pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm

I'd be unavailable Sunday if that ends up being the day, but still I figured it'd be worth it to post about this~

Hetalia Things To Do At SakuraCon

So the Sakura Con schedule has been posted [http://www.sakuracon.org/schedule/SC2012_Schedule.pdf] and I've scanned through it and gathered up a collection of Hetalia related things that people might be interested in [since there were people on FB asking about such things a few weeks ago].

Without further ado, I present this magnificent list of "Hetalia Things To Do At SakuraCon"!


Are You Smarter Than A Nation 

1:00 to 2:30 pm

Panel 6, 3-A



A Talk With Russians And Prussians

9:30 to 10:30 am

Panel 3, 618-620


Paint It, White!

10:30 to 11:53 am

Theatre, 4C-4


World Meeting

5:45 to 7:15 pm

Panel 4, 604


Prussia Playtime

8:00 to 9:00 pm

Teahaus, 601



Main Group Photoshoot:
Friday, 12 Noon - Freeway Park Plaza
[Info Booth Schedule: http://scmb.sakuracon.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=21816&sid=3043d18fc866e8bc232f3efcf87c02ee]
[Discussion Post: http://scmb.sakuracon.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=21584&sid=3043d18fc866e8bc232f3efcf87c02ee]

Saturday, 3pm - Fourth Floor Outdoor Plaza [where the huge concrete waterfall is.]
[Info Booth Schedule: http://scmb.sakuracon.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=21816&sid=3043d18fc866e8bc232f3efcf87c02ee]
[Discussion Post: http://scmb.sakuracon.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=21584&sid=3043d18fc866e8bc232f3efcf87c02ee]

Soviet / USSR Group:
Contact via Email/Tumblr

Threnodi - Mochi Dolls

If there's anything I missed, or any photographers who want to have their information put down for anyone who wants to do a group photoshoot, feel free to mention it and I'll add it up here! I hope to see a lot of you guys there, and I wish everyone tons and tons of fabulous fun!

Tsukino-Con 2012

Hello Seattle Hetalia Community!

I know this is late notice, but I'd like to advertise a lovely little con  - Tsukino-Con!
Where: Engineering and Computer Science and Elliott Buildings, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC
When: February 17th-19th
Why: It might be small and lacking big name voice actors and performers, but it's a fun little convention run by some really great people, and it promises to be a great time!

Tsukino-Con Site
Tsukino-Con 2012 Schedule (not final)
Tsukino-Con Facebook Group

End Of The Year Meet-Up

ALRIGHT SO I TOTES FORGOT TO SAY WHERE AT SEATTLE CENTRE, MY BAD. WE'LL BE MEETING INSIDE THE CENTRE HOUSE WHERE THE CHESS SET IS ON THE SECOND FLOOR. Look for a [tiny] France and England with [hopefully] a French flag and dorky Christmas sweaters. Awesomesauce. See you there~!!!

Alright snap I've been terrible about this [oh my god school gtfo]

So I figured - would the 30th work for people? It's after the whole Holiday chaos and hectic mess, but before New Years, so it's sort of a combination of them. And it's on a Friday during Winter Break. If this doesn't mesh well for people it can totes be moved to a weekend or something.

As for place, my default idea is Seattle Centre - but if that sounds boring there's also Volunteer Park and Gasworks Park? Because they're pretty easy to get to [in case of snow routes for busing and all that jazz] and they're places that past meet-ups have been at, which means it's not something new and confusing.

Noon is also the default time, so I'm sticking with that, definitely for sure.

Unless you guys have other ideas. And please don't hesitate to share ideas or rally for something different! Because we're open to that sort of thing, and opinions matter!

NOTE: Also, we've done Secret Santa things in the past; if you guys want to do that, send me your name, and I'll shuffle them together and do all that jazz. As long as I get your names down by like - a week [or maybe like, 3-5 days?] before the meet up is? That sounds like enough time, right? Options, choices, up to you!