Nicolette (quaxicoffelees) wrote in aphday_seattle,

October Meet-Ups [For Real This Time]

Hetalia Day

Okay. so the story goes something like this: Apparently, I've been really slow with getting this posted, because I was having a difficult time collecting and organizing everyone's input. I apologize for that, and I'm really really sorry that it took me so long.
It seems, however, [according to the APH Day website] that someone else went ahead and has something planned already. So I emailed them and I'm waiting for a reply back. Again, I'm super sorry that I sort of screwed that up quite a bit.

Hetalia Day is October 24th Sunday 12pm Noon at Seattle Centre.
The theme is War & Peace.
[Though, as per usual, any sort of cosplay or noncosplay is awesome as well~]


So a Halloween meet-up will be held on October 17th Sunday At Volunteer Park 12pm Noon.
This is because Sunday doesn't seem to be a problem with everyone's schedule [as some people work on Saturday, or other such things] and Volunteer Park is a relatively easy area to find and get to.
It's also before Halloween because I asked a handful of people and the general idea was that people would probably have other social plans the weekend of Halloween, so it wouldn't be good to have one on the actual day.
If anyone needs help with bus routes and such, feel free to message me, and if there are lots of people who can get to one place and want to bus together, I'm totally up for doing a bus group system thing.
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